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About Olivia List

Olivia is doing her Master's in Business studies and has specialized in marketing before. She is interested in health topics, innovations in the health industry, psychology as well as digital marketing and media and loves to eat, think, talk and write about food ;)

How communities become their own architects

Meet photographer Iwan Baan Iwan Baan is a Dutch architectural photographer. His special interest in architecture has brought him to many places around the world to work with world renowned architects. Ranging from Africa to China to South America, Baan has travelled to various places to capture photos of buildings […]

Why we need tricksters in a world of juxtaposition

Juxtapose is this month’s blog theme, and juxtaposition is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.” Juxtapositions can describe a variety of opposites, such as rich vs. poor and young vs. old, but can also occur in the form of heated […]

#HIVHEROES: Take the Issue in your hands

An Interview with Julian Wiehl A powerful awareness campaign called #HIVHEROES is sweeping across the media world – with big impact! Amidst many global issues that are competing for attention in our world today, the HIV virus and its severe consequences have nearly faded into oblivion. Vangardist, an Austrian men’s […]

What it means to be inspirational. And why disability has nothing to do with it. 2

It is no secret that society has a tendency to put people into categories that in the long run end up defining them. Science students are geeks, successful career-driven women are bossy and alternative people are hippies. But what about: disabled people…. are inspirational?