Philipp Greiner

6 effects of reaching our energy efficiency goals

Efficiency is fashionable. Billions of Euros are being committed to increasing it. Why? When it comes to energy there is a whole spectrum of benefits: increased security, reduced poverty, job creation and many more. TEDx found out how Vienna is handling these issues and what our future could look like […]

What if we open-sourced the quest for curing cancer?

Personalise this! The customization of healthcare, with medicine tailor-made for each individual patient, belongs to the main research interests of current affairs. In this model, doctors aim to select appropriate therapies based on the context of a patient’s genetics. The patient, which Salvatore Iaconesi points out in our TED talk […]

Behind the Curtains: Open House Wien

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome. One year ago, TEDxVienna went on an excursion to check out several special buildings that opened their doors to the public during the inaugural Open House event. Thanks to the success and positive feedback, the project is returning on 12th and 13th of September to reproduce this feat – with […]

Drifting towards infinity: 5 space stories to follow in 2015

Space travel has become en vogue again. Thanks to the critically acclaimed efforts of Christopher Nolans blockbuster Interstellar, ideas of empowering human expeditions across the universe are gathering interest at high speed – and as Stuart Armstrong pointed out at TEDxVienna 2014: “The sky is most definitely not the limit.”