Ruxandra Alexandru

A chat about innovation & business with Boris Marte, Head of Erste Hub

The elevator opens for the third floor. We rush for our appointment and at the entrance, above the doorbell we read:   Poem: In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself in a dark wood with the right road lost We are at Erste Hub – […]

Bringing people together – “Citizens for Europe”

Everything starts with a simple “Hello!” – so it says. A while ago, we were introduced to Hello Europe!, a Belgian initiative to bring Europeans together to get to know each other. Also not too long ago, we learned about the surprising need for strangeness and how to make friends on the […]

Think again!

Four full days under one imperative: Think Again! Yes, this was TEDGlobal 2013 happening this year in Edinburgh. On June, 12th we gathered at Schikaneder for the live cast from TEDGlobal. The sessions – Money talks and Listening the nature brought us excellent speakers to inspire us to change our perspective, ask the right questions and […]

Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a good end of life

Living the life you want, making the best choices or feeling good with yourself are the kind of learnings you are craving when vividly searching recipes for happiness. Steve Jobs’ “How to live before you die” – the well-known Stanford University commencement speech or Randy Pausch’s “Really achieving your childhood […]

Hacked by inspiration – a visit @ Metalab 3

Recently, we visited Metalab, a hackerspace and hub for the Viennese tech community. Founded in 2005 and counting now around 140 permanent members and roughly 600 occasional ones, Metalab became quickly a heavily visited place. Only a short look in the calendar and one can realise that things are always […]