Stefan Resch

Unlimited possibilites, unlimited responsibilities

  At TEDxVienna 2013 UNLIMITED we confronted ourselves with all kinds of limits we have broken, are breaking and will break. Overcoming limits given to ourselves is a deeply rooted human characteristic throughout history; may it be our use of tools to compensate the abilities which we don’t naturally have […]

City 2.0 Talks: Daniela Patti, Levente Polyak and Stefan Gruber

As we shape our cities, they shape us in return. Cities are not just conglomerations of buildings but living social networks, vibrating with life and dynamics. Pursuing the highest possible living quality within our urban environments is a task for which we all are responsible, but in order to achieve […]

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Daniel Dewey at TEDxVienna 2013

Not many sciences will have such an enormous impact on human society and history as IT will do in the 21st century. It now already penetrates every aspect of modern life, from the way we shop, handle tasks, interact with others, make scientific progress; IT has become indispensable. It’s the […]

Highly contagious: Sparking ideas

You have experienced it: things go viral. You have seen how Gangnam Style repeatedly flooded your Facebook news feed and how the Harlem Shake was recreated in yet another way. While the spreading of these videos seems trivial, the underlying principles of such viral behavior are far away from being […]