Stefan Wurzer

Finest Street Art – A Collection

When artists decide to carry out their messages and creations to the public, it is often the streets where they find their perfect canvas, biggest audience and resonance. This blog post is dedicaded to all of the given moments, when people pause for a moment, start to marvel and break […]

The Heidelberg Project – Happy Birthday! 1

  Imagine someone is coming up to you, asking this cunning question: „What is art for you today?“ Could you provide your ultimate answer without measurable delay? Yes? Wow, amazing. No? You might want to start your walk with Tyree Guyton and the creative community around 3600 Heidelberg Street, Detroit […]

The Urban Farming Guys – Vitalize your city!

… is a living experiment taking place in one of the most blighted areas of the US. About 20 families left their comfortable suburban homes and moved into a new, but uncertain future. Surrounded by crime, unemployment and collective hopelessness, they share a clear and ambitious vision: “… to empower […]