Helena Viegas Araujo

About Helena Viegas Araujo

Helena is a twenty-something year old with a passion for adventuring, drinking wine, binge-watching TV shows and curling up with a good book. Occasionally, she puts her thoughts down on paper, either with a pen or digitally.

Piggy Bank

Crowdfunding: The Art of Asking

Trusting in the goodness of people is a tough ask, especially for the more cynical amongst ourselves. In fact, we’re often taught to develop the exact opposite instinct, with blind trust being viewed as naivety. Amanda Palmer is the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls, a punk rock band, and […]

Anxiety and Custard Traps

What’s better than using a metaphor to explain something…? If that metaphor is about food! This extremely relatable TEDxTalk by Neil Hughes makes light of an issue that a vast majority of people struggle with. And although mental health and laughter don’t often go hand in hand, he manages to […]