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As a PR and communications professional, Zaphira has always had an interest in spreading business success stories. Since she took up creative writing, she found out that frustrations, failure and everyday absurdities often make the best stories.

Why the Real Thing Will be Worth Less than its Digital Twin 1

As a sequel to ’80s cult film Blade Runner is scheduled for US release this fall and will probably reach this side of the Atlantic shortly thereafter, one can’t help but think that companies such as Google have been working with virtual versions of us all along. Those feed on […]

What Is The Link Between Garbage And Creativity?

If you’ve noticed the trash cans around Vienna, then you know they try to lure you into doing the right thing with playful phrases and creativity. Most of the time it’s difficult to find English equivalents for the witty slogans without providing lengthy explanations. When friends visit from out of […]

Mythology, demagogy and why it’s all Greek to me

Some things make sense when you consider the facts and some things simply defy logic. Current political discourse seems to be increasingly falling into the second category, and while it may sound alarming, there are enough expert analyses on the subject, so this isn’t trying to be one. But here’s […]

Carrie Poppy TEDxVienna OUT THERE

Ghostbusters, religious groups and homeopathy

Prior to her talk at last week’s TEDxVienna, I had the opportunity to interview LA-based investigative journalist, podcast host, comedian, and animal rights activist Carrie Poppy. What can I say? I was blown away by her warm, candid and down-to-earth personality. Read for yourselves. Hi Carrie, you have won awards […]