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Before the start of Simplexity, our 2018 TEDxVienna conference, Lomography asked us if we would be interested in using one of their cameras during the event. We happily agreed!


Next, we needed to decide on a theme, on what the photos should be about. We thought a bit, looked over what kind of photos we usually take, read a bit about the 10 Golden Rules of taking photos with a Lomography camera, and concluded: backstage.


It’s perfect. We wanted to show more of the people behind the action, the moments between the talks, during the sessions, while everyone is captivated in thought and unaware of everything else happening at the very same time in the same building. With so many speakers, performers, and volunteers there’s more action than we can count. We wanted to capture at least a part of it.


It went great! Taking photos of moments outside of what attendees usually see made this event a special one. The photos feel more personal, unique, and candid. Some are also a bit blurry, unfocused, and not perfectly framed. That’s why we like them. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them and living the moments behind them.

The photos










































Thank you

Lastly, we want to thank Lomography for their support, our speakers and performers for being amazing, our volunteers for working hard, and our attendees for being one of the best audiences out there.

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