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“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others”
Lee Odden

Projects, ideas, trends, mind-blowing scientific endeavors, outstanding inventors, makers and trendsetters found a spotlight on the TEDxVienna blog since 2011. Answering questions people want to hear but don’t really ask and spreading knowledge and ideas is what we’re aiming at with every blog-posting. Are you inspired by the TED world, good at expressing your ideas in writing and would like to enhance your voice on our blog that would resonate with the amazing TEDxVienna community?

Here’s your chance: Become a member of the TEDxVienna bloggers team until January 31, 23:59 GMT+1!

Let’s talk about opportunities:

  • Join an awesome team of motivated and fun people,
  • Earn your free backstage pass to the TEDxVienna events and conferences
  • Have access to the TEDxVienna Community
  • Enter the best environment for sharing brilliant ideas
  • Get to meet & interview cool people

Let’s talk about challenges:

  • Write minimum an article per month for an exciting blog (postings will be in English)
  • Join the monthly meeting of the TEDxVienna bloggers

If all this sounds interesting enough for you, we invite you to choose your favorite TEDxVienna or TED Talk and write two paragraphs about it. Be as creative, as controversial, as cool as you want to be! Not only you’ll get the chance to be part of our (let’s face it… AWESOME) team, but your “mini article” will be published on the blog in the following weeks!

Let’s recap:

Send us the mini-article about your favourite TEDxVienna or TED Talk and your CV at, mentioning the position “Blogger @ TEDxVienna” by the 31st of January, 23:59 GMT +1!

TEDxVienna is looking forward to reading your ideas worth spreading!

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