Let us look beyond the edge together!

On the edge can have so many different meanings.
Google comes up with approximately 1 080 000 000 results for the term.

“Living on the edge”, seems rather dangerous.
“Being on the edge” is almost always followed by “a disaster”.
“Walking on the edge” reminds us of falling into an abyss.

But what if,  “the edge” implies a new beginning?
What if, “on the edge” means, very close to an enormous breakthrough?
Technically, scientifically, socially or even personally.

Only the ones who look beyond the edges, make progress and further developement possible.

The brave, the curious, the different, the crazy.

At this year’s TEDxVienna conference “On The Edge” you have the chance to meet some of them.
We have them all. The brave, the curious, the different and even the crazy.

Let us take you to the edge!

See you there…



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