How your blindspot may prevent you from seeing the bigger picture


Kyle Eschen at the conference

Those of you who have a driver’s licence have probably already come across the term “blindspot”.

But there are more blindspots in life than just on the side of your car, blindspots can occur everywhere in life and may make you miss to see a tiny detail that adds up to a bigger picture as whole.

If you think that you are immune to having a blindspot, Kyle Eschen will teach you otherwise. Kyle Eschen is a magician and comedian, who intertwines magic with psychological knowledge and a great sense of dark humour.

But before you read this full article and watch his talk at the TedxVienna Event last year, you are invited to join a psychological experiment! Just watch the video below and follow the instructions:

Not only love is blind, but you are too!

Eschen uses the science of selective attention to work his magic. But sometimes having a blindspot is not as magical as his tricks. There are various kinds and definitions of blindspots. One of them is the “natural blind spot”, a spot on your retina where you literally can’t see anything. Another blind spot is the “bias blind spot”- a psychological phenomenon which causes you to overlook your own impact bias when forming your judgment on something.

This basically means that you think that you are not biased, when in fact you are. But as all humans try to integrate their views on life in their own self-concept, we often believe that we are rational and unbiased in our opinions while others are not. 

The good news about bias blindspots is that we all have them; the bad news is it is very unlikely you will ever be able to change your bias perception even when made aware of it. When judging our own bias, we often conclude that we were acting with the best intentions. One possibility to deal with blindspots is trying to attribute these good intentions also to others around us. So next time you have a fight with your mother about your choice of love interest, profession or basically anything, just ask yourself if she maybe just has the best intentions.

If you are feeling like you are missing the bigger picture, try checking for bias blindspots in your judgement.

When life gives you lemons…


…you were just made aware of your blindspot by Kyle Eschen’s entertaining performance at the “Out There” Conference. The beauty of this phenomenon is that it enables you to experience magic, so enjoy your blindspot and let the magic happen:




picture credits: Timar Ivo Bati

Header image: Unsplash

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