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Everything starts with a simple “Hello!” – so it says. A while ago, we were introduced to Hello Europe!, a Belgian initiative to bring Europeans together to get to know each other. Also not too long ago, we learned about the surprising need for strangeness and how to make friends on the road. In addition to the above, how to talk to strangers might be useful just to manage your expectations. And if you are still not convinced that talking to strangers is a good idea, you might want to have a look at this playlist of TEDtalks to boost your motivation.

It seems the logical next step to bring the conversation further and get to know a project that wants to encourage not only the exchange of ideas and knowledge to create meaningful conversations, but the initiation of common actions: From citizens for citizens.

This is how the project Citizens for Europe was born, an initiative that aims to bring people with same interests together and encourage them to take the much needed step forward into action for improving their place they are living in.

For Europe and beyond

Their vision is a Europe made of free, educated and informed individuals, able to decide and participate to the development of society. Therefore Citizens for Europe is a hub where “organisations of all kinds and sizes are using this platform to give visibility to their activities, events, campaigns, and mostly allowing them to connect and exchange with similar organisations in other countries”, explains Laetitia Veriter, our partner of discussion.

The project which started in 2009, has dialogue as a fundamental basis of the initiative. Young, but promising – the project hosts now over 220 civil society organisations or movements and 110 proposals have been posted. The topics tackled are diverse: environment, health, education, transparency, citizen participation, culture.

Passivity is not an option!

How does it work? Just check the ideas already posted and get in touch with the authors to bring your combined ideas further. In case you don’t find an idea similar with yours – nothing easier – just post your own and search for the enthusiasts with the similar interest to implement it. Anyone can join and propose ideas, take decisions and participate.
What it needs for filling the gap from idea to action is the energy to move things further and this energy comes from sharing common vision. But finding the right dialogue partner is a key part of the journey. And this is exactly what Citizens for Europe has to offer: a platform that is not only a support for initiatives, but an enriching way to collaborative working cross-borders. Join and take action!


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