City 2.0 Talks: Gregor Wiltschko, Ilkim Erdost and Nicholas Platzer

If you want to change the city, go out and meet it. The thread connecting the final three talks at this year’s TEDxVienna City 2.0 event is the critical importance (and surprising infrequency) of engagement on the part of change agents with the city itself.

Gregor Wiltschko: Making urban planning urban

An urban planner working in Vienna, Gregor Wiltschko spoke about how planning processes are becoming more open and inclusive and planners are recasting themselves as mediators more than masters. Scales of planning and development are nested—the house inside the block, the block inside the neighborhood, the neighborhood inside the district, the district inside the city, etc.—and any change to one has ripple effects across the others. What if planning meetings were held around public ping pong tables instead of in offices? Could welcoming cross-disciplinary points of view and the expertise of residents radically change the goals and outcomes of urban development?

Ilkim Erdost: The ill communication of community education

In her talk, Ilkim Erdost illuminates the difference between communicating and communication. She points out that the gap most in need of bridging in migrant communities with a high risk of social alienation is one of perceived distance. City administrators, and by extension the programs they administer, are too often perceived by members of these communities as outsiders. Trust attends presence, consistency, and transparency. Community education really begins when them becomes us.

Nicholas Platzer: Paint the change you want to see

Nicholas Platzer began the night’s final talk with a piece of instant political art before taking the audience on a wildly entertaining ride through the many ways street art can provoke, inspire, and empower. Through examples from Vienna and across the globe, he illustrates how public art can be a form of public dialogue, the visual manifestation of the aspirations, fears, critiques, and creative machinations of citizens. If you love your city, if you care for your city, and if you respect your city, then you should never be afraid to paint the change you wish to see.


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