City 2.0 Talks: Nathan De Groot and Michael Badics

A fine balance between trees and concrete… Is that all we can say about a perfect city?
Perhaps perfection lies in the city’s imperfection and its constantly changing façade that inhabitants can interact with as they go about their daily lives.

Agents of Change: Nathan De Groot

At our City 2.0 event this September, Nathan De Groot – a Dutch urbanist, journalist and recent graduate -described some of the ideas his group envisioned for a section of the city of Tallinn in Estonia which transforms it from a finished concrete “perfect circle” into an interactive area for all seasons of the year.

GeoPulse: Michael Badics

Michael Badics is currently the senior director of AE Solutions, a new division of Ars Electronica in Linz. His approach to city design and usability comes from the computer and human end user interface. Watch as he uses data to correlate present and future trends for city development.


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