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Do you also have a lot of ideas you want to work on? We constantly think about new ideas that can bring our projects to life. In the digital era, this often means providing a proper framework for automatizing periodic daily tasks. Of course, this requires a lot of effort and some special skills.

One of them is to understand the system you are currently working with and perhaps even to create your own customized program. Therefore, whenever you start a new project, you will need some coding skills.

After a long online research of coding schools we found SmartNinja who happen to work at our favorite spot, the Impact Hub. That said, we took the opportunity to ask Miha, the CEO and co-founder at SmartNinja, some questions.


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Where did your idea start and what was your intention with it?

Miha: It all started about 3 years ago in Slovenia when Matej and I worked at a non­profit organization called StartUP Novo mesto. StartUP Novo mesto’s mission was to build a community of entrepreneurs and help them develop their ideas. After a while we saw that there are a lot of people who have ideas but struggle to make them a reality. So at that time Matej (co-­founder of SmartNinja) started doing one-on-one sessions and helped people in taking first steps into the coding world. With more and more demand for the IT market we (Miha and Matej) decided to fully focus on SmartNinja and this is how our coding school officially started. We founded the company in February 2015 and already in the first year we had more than 300 students attending our classes. In the beginning of 2016 SmartNinja funded SmartNinja Austria and entered the Impact Hub Scaling program.

Miha Fabjan

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What do you want to achieve with your idea?

Miha: SmartNinja is an IT education company. We believe that hidden talents that are often neglected by the formal educational system lie within each of us. SmartNinja’s mission is to help people discover and grow their talents in the IT field. Skills that will help them find a job ­or even create a new one!

How did being part of the Impact Hub develop your professional career?

Miha: Impact Hub Scaling helped us with a lot of stuff. Opening a company in Austria, marketing and PR tips, promotions and interesting workshops will follow in the next months. The Impact Hub’s team is really great and they help us with every situation we face. It’s great to have someone to count on in unfamiliar situations.

Where are we going to see you in five years with the idea?

Miha: Our impact is directly measurable with the number of employed students. We believe that in the next year our company can directly affect 1.000 people and in the next five years up to 10.000 people.

If you also struggle with bringing your ideas to “real life” SmartNinja might be a great and reasonable start. If you have already had experiences with coding feel free to comment below. We would love to read about your experiences.

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