Coffee House Readings #2:
“The Purpose Principles”

Why do you wake up in the morning?

Why do you put clothes on and go through your day?

Why do you work where you work?

Why do you live how you live?

Well, why do I ask these questions at all? It is the so-called “Finding Your Motivation – Exercise“, that Jake Ducey introduces in his inspirational book “The Purpose Principles“, in which the 22-year-old author writes about the most important principles for living a more meaningful life.

Jake Ducey, who quit college at the age of 19 to travel the world, wanted to know: What is the difference between people who “make“ it and people who don’t? How is it that some of us do exactly what we love, live meaningful lives and inspire others while many of us don’t? If we are all human beings with specific talents and interests; why do most of us never really make something out of them?

To answer these questions, Jake knew what he had to do: He started investigating the lives of people who actually have made it, people who actually are living the lives they always wanted for themselves, who – simply put – are successfully living the life we all dream about.

Based on his own life-experience combined with what he learned about the biographies of other successful people like Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Bob Dylan or Gandhi he created fifteen “Purpose Principles“, that most of these people had in common. This is just a very small insight into two of the fifteen principles Jake Ducey introduces in his book.

What’s your why?

“Perhaps the most significant and overlooked reason for not getting what we want is not knowing why we are doing what we’re doing in the first place.“

There is no greater force than knowing why we are doing what we are doing. It is the thing that keeps us up while other people are sleeping. It is the thing that keeps us motivated while others give up. If we lose the why, Jake Ducey says, we lose our drive and therefore the force that keeps us moving forward towards our goals.

“It’s pretty hard to do anything if nothing is driving you. The mind has the potential to bring you almost any feeling, including energy and drive. But the mind can’t do this if it doesn’t know why it’s doing it. If you don’t have strong driving forces that pull you out of bed when you’re tired, keep you up when you want to go to bed, or inspire you to take action when you want to call it quits, then your mind has no fuel to create what you want, even if you know you want it.“

So, to find more purpose in your life, dare to ask yourself this question: Why do you live your life the way you do it right now?

Thoughts Become Things

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.“

This quote from James Allan, that Ducey puts at the beginning of his chapter perfectly sums up what he explains below.
Actually we can’t hear or read quotes like this anymore because everyone of us reads or hears them on a daily basis, which makes us forget their important meaning for our lives. In fact, the urge to talk about our thoughts that form our attitudes is very important when it comes to living the life we wish for ourselves.

“Our thoughts become habitual patterns, and then they become a repeating cycle that turns into our way of seeing the world. We choose a cycle of thoughts to think in – whether they are self-defeating, or enhancing, absolutely incredible, beautiful, peaceful, and fulfilling. No matter the way you think, you need to take responsibility and be aware so you can create the feelings that you want to feel.“

To begin with, Jake invites his readers to watch their words. Do you often say phrases like “This is too hard…“, “I can’t do it…“ or “It’s impossible“? And if you do, how does it feel like? Are you able to take action after talking to yourself in that way? It’s incredible how our thoughts actually effect the way we perceive others, ourselves, our capabilities and therefore determine how we live our lives. So, take care of what you think and point your thoughts in the direction of what you want and how you want to feel. It’s the first step to take on the responsibility for your life.

Some Personal Thoughts

The book actually made me think a lot about my life and my “habitual thinking patterns“ that sometimes really keep me from doing the things I would like to do. It’s incredibly important to be aware of that since awareness is the first step towards change and improvement. What I really like about the book is its personal character. Jake Ducey writes authentically about his ideas, which makes you feel like you are having a conversation with the author in real life. However, if you don’t have the time for that right now, start with his TEDx Talk.


The best Viennese Coffee House to read this book in

A wonderful place to read this motivating book is a cozy coffee house called Café Vollpension. The original idea behind this coffee house was to create a workplace for life-loving pensioners who enjoy spending time with young people while serving them home-made cake and coffee. The nice staff, the cozy atmosphere and the delicious food really make you feel like you’re at grandma’s! So get going and draw more meaning into your life while enjoying a good cup of coffee with Jake Ducey.



Photo Credit: Natalia Sander


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