Confessions of a bad feminist

“We have this tendency to put visible feminists on a pedestal. We expect them to pose perfectly. When they disappoint us, we gleefully knock them from the very pedestal we put them on…Many women, particularly groundbreaking women and industry leaders, are afraid to be labeled as feminists. They’re afraid to stand up and say, “Yes, I am a feminist,” for fear of what that label means, for fear of being unable to live up to unrealistic expectations. “

Roxane Gay’s writing appears in Best American Mystery Stories 2014, Best American Short Stories 2012, Best Sex Writing 2012, A Public Space, and many others. She is the author of the books Ayiti, An Untamed State, World of Wakanda for Marvel as well as the New York Times bestselling Bad Feminist.

Feminism is defined as the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes and feminist, the person who believes in feminism, and tries to achieve equal opportunities and treatment.

In her TEDx Talk Roxane Gay points out the pressure we all go through as feminists feeling or being accused of failure at least once or more in our lives when we don’t meet the standards of societies demands from us.

It is better to be a bad feminist then no feminist, she says.

We have the power of making better choices in our lives, such as not choosing to spend money on movies or publications treating women as objects or not listening to degrading songs. Only with those little actions we can hope to impact more powerful choices made by editors, producers, even lawmakers to create the lasting change we want to see in our future.

In the end of the day it is not about being the picture perfect role model , the ideal feminist that is demanded from you when you openly call yourself a feminist . What matters is owning your ideas of equality, making those better choices towards them and being aware that you do or might impact someone out there . Listen for yourself as Roxane Gay talks about how feminism, without grading good or bad gave her the voice she thought she once lost.

We can all be a little brave, when we most need such braver

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