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Have you tried looking up a recipe on Google or a cooking video on Youtube this year and found yourself amazed with all the good tips you’ve received? Internet can sometimes prove itself as a salvation in times of need (or hunger!) and – if you’re a student like me and still haven’t mastered the art of cooking from your mother, grandmother  or other cooking expert relative – you’ll probably be fascinated by what you can do with some plain ingredients.

So why not take this whole online experience and bring it offline? The concept of „Social Cooking” could involve a series of monthly meetings where people (both experts and newbies) would gather in a space where they would be allowed to explore their creativity through cooking. They can commonly decide whether they want to prepare different dishes or just make one large meal where each person is in charge of bringing one ingredient and covering up one process of the whole creation.

The people involved in this project could get to know each other through an online platform (like Facebook Groups or a Facebook Page) and use it to share their thoughts and suggestions regarding the next meet-up. The admin(s) of this platform can propose monthly discussion themes (for example the Middle East) which will be debated both online and through the preparation of a traditional Middle Eastern meal. That way all participants will be able to visualize and „get a taste” of the theme. Also, every once in a while, the food prepared at this event could be donated to people who are in need, so that the concept of „Social cooking” can be transformed into „Cooking for a cause”.

We can find a great example of a group of people who are fond of baking cookies and meet with the help of Facebook in Vienna. The page is called „Guerilla Bakery” and was created by a group of girls living together in the same apartment. Since they like to bake, they invite people every once a month to their home and share their cookie&cupcake creations with them. The only way they “advertise” their meetings is through Facebook Events, which I personally find bold, yet very effective. I participated at their event in June and found myself surrounded by a lot of people! Of course, the girls wouldn’t have probably become so successful if it hadn’t been for the delightful sweets which they serve (every month, new cookies). All in all, “Guerilla Bakery” is an experience that I gladly invite you to test for yourself >> Facebook Page.

In conclusion, the idea of Social Cooking was brought up because it seems easy to implement, can both be used for private purposes and professional ones (intrapreneurs may gather all employees from a company at a cooking session and use this opportunity to bring them together). It’s also a soulful, more fun way to make your own meal while socializing with people who share the same passion with /as you: the passion for good food.

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