The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Change is what people talk about, what they expect and fortunately what they seem to be more and more willing to engage into for the sake of a financially stable and homogeneous society. Whenever they can’t get involved directly, non-profit organizations can do it for them and so everybody’s happy. But what if we tell you that what you expect from non-profit organizations to do once you’ve supported them financially is in fact undermining the very cause you love and profound wish you have of changing the world?

What if we told you that your mentality and belief system keep non-profit organizations to such a low level where social change is not significant and most of the time not even possible? 

Activist, fundraiser and president of Advertising for HumanityDan Pallotta experienced the unfair expectations that the donating public has from non-profits and aims at opening our eyes towards what charity, giving and change really imply. Beside his projects, the AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Day events, which raised $582 million in nine years, he also helped foundations and philanthropists transform the growth potential of their favorite grantees, because non-profits are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get done. Why is this wrong?

In his TEDTalk he dares us boldly to actually change the way we think about changing the world. Do you have what it takes for that?




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