The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B by Danny Hillis

The internet has become a solid reality of our lives. Nobody dares to treat it with skepticism, nor to doubt its ubiquity although many of its functions remain unknown for the masses. We even trust the internet to be able to save our lives: online apps that find your location when you got lost or suffered an accident, the internet surveillance that allows people to come to your rescue as fast as possible, you can detect earthquakes with your own computer and many more. It’s hard to believe that with no internet you wouldn’t be able to refill your car tank anymore or even have your plane taking off. Life without the Internet is hard to image, isn’t it?

But what if one day we would experience that? Danny Hillis, inventor, scientist, author, and engineer wows the public with his examples of how the Internet can fail due to a simple human mistake. His talk is a lesson of how we shouldn’t take the internet’s infallibility for granted. People worry too much about the danger on actual computers that are connected to the internet (cyber attacks), while in fact the Internet as a communications medium could crash.

But are people aware enough of the Internet’s vulnerability to destruction? Should people start considering a Plan B when Plan A is working so well? Watch this talk and tell us what you think!

Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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