Digitalizing your Health

In the last couple of years I have witnessed the rebirth of health consciousness in the digital world. Fueled by the exponential technological upturn, sprouts of health tracking services started appearing all around the world. So we’ve seen technology being used for some time now to help consumers keep track of wellness factors from diet to sexual activity. Workout routines go best with tight fitting clothes, not leaving much room for carrying a pad and pen or even a notebook to keep an overview of your sets and reps, and track your overall performance.

But going mobile has its benefits! Internationally, digital tools like those from The Carrot, Gym Technik or Edomondo, empower you to have a comprehensive view over everything from general health related topics, to gym workout and even to particular (sports) groups.



Austria has its own front-runner (pardon the pun) in this digital race for providing the help for consumers in tracking and improving progress towards fitness or other health related goals.
Runtastic is on a mission for “motivating and improving your fitness!!!”. A bold statement, which the startup can back by a constantly evolving series of digital services. Founded back in 2009 in Linz, Runtastic offers an online fitnessplatform and apps for fitness activities, weight watching and several sports, including biking, skiing or boarding, just to name a phew (another pun!). Regardless if your heart already belongs to iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, Runtastic will adapt and tend to your needs, so be sure to check them and their community of over 300.000 sports partners out!

While similar apps are available on the market, there’s still room for entrepreneurs to create mobile offerings beyond the existing offer, helping consumers track and improve progress towards fitness or other goals, from weight loss and healthy eating to academic development and finance.

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