Empowering Travelers to Change the World

The idea of Ethical Traveler was founded in 1996 by the author and journalist Jeff Greenwald. It is a nonprofit organization to “empower travelers to change the world“. They want to use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment.

So the website www.ethicaltraveler.org was built to inspire others and also yearly to show the world where the worlds best ethical destinations are.

The winner this year (2011) are:




Costa Rica






and Uruguay

Ethical Traveler hopes to create a shift in the way travelers view themselves, and their influence within the global community. We are reinforcing the understanding that by banding together, travelers can make decisions in line with their own values to impact their global concerns. We believe that, given clear information and the resources to create solutions, travelers will embrace their ability to make the planet a better place to inhabit and explore. We hope to inspire more and more travelers into action, and to use their economic power to address our planet’s urgent environmental and humanitarian problems.

If you are interested in the project and want to know more about ethic traveling just visit the site http://www.ethicaltraveler.org/.

If you want to join the global community of travelers just become a member.

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