European Startup Festival: 50 Startups reaching for the top


Besides the fact that our TEDxVienna Event will launch pretty soon, there is additional  excitement going on this month: Startup Week. Right now it’s all about a five-day conference with focus on Startups from Central and Eastern Europe that takes place in Vienna. Topics besides others: Design, Digital Media, Gaming, Health 2.0, Movie,…

Mindblowing business ideas, inspiriational talks and shared experiences of top international speakers are awaited by the audience to be on their menu. And they won’t be disappointed by the end of this week.

Already 50 selected startups from all over Europe presented their innovative ideas on Monday and Tuesday. Out of these, 10 will get the chance to pitch in front of a top class investor panel and might get featured by TechCrunch. A great chance to give their business momentum.

The next days, until Friday, will bring up the chance to meet the internet- and mobile-stars. 70 international top-class speakers (Esther Dyson, Morten Lund, Reshma Sohoni,…) will hold panel discussions and talk about their experience as a startup. Not enough: During the whole week 12 focus events will take place around Vienna.

Sounds exciting to you and taking part in the conference would be a great deal? No problem, all talks will be broadcasted live.

To give you a little sense on what kind of business ideas participated on the challenge, we proudly present five startups right here on our Blog:



5 startup ideas worth spreading


Quote Roller (USA/BY)

Is a web based software that helps to create, send, organize and track business proposals with ease. Quote Roller helps to impress your clients with beautiful proposals created in minutes. Quote Roller’s founders Serge & Mikita believe that the future document are going to be electronic. Tablet devices will replace the paper. Quote Roller is their tool for this transition.


Blossom (AUT)

The way people create web and mobile applications today is drastically different from what it used to be just a few years ago. Ask designers, programmers, managers whether they are happy with the project management tool they use to collaborate. Common reactions are disgust and swearing. Lean startups, facebook, google, twitter and the best of the industry go out of their way to work around these problems or even build their own custom solutions. With blossom the focus is to end this pain and bring the whole industry of application development to the next level.


Mediatoolkit (HR)

Mediatoolkit is a web service that helps the user find the most popular and shared content in real time and on any website he is interested in as well as get a prediction of what will be popular in the future. Intended for use by media professionals like editors, journalists, bloggers and all others responsible for creating web content.


LiveTable booking (AUT)

LiveTable positiones itself as a new supplier of electronic table reservation and voucher management systems specifically for the hospitality industry. With a smart and contemporary electronic table reservation and voucher management solution they focus to combine all these channels, creating transparency in real time. The core competence of LiveTable is the ability for innovations in the electronic reservation market and to make it direct and easy to use.


Newsgrape (AUT)

Newsgrape is a social publishing platform that thrives to connect larger audiences and distribute content globally, by connecting writers with writers with readers. Like a “Youtube for texts” with a heavy focus on interaction, a learning search engine and the aim to become the best income source for writers it attempts to revolutionize blogging and article sharing on the web, setting new standards in a variety of levels.


Curious about the other startups that are ready for take off? All of the 50 business ideas, the 70 speakers and the scheduled agenda for the remaining days can be found at a glance on the Startup Week’s website.


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