When did you stop exploring?

As a child, you’re confident you can enter any profession you want once you’re grown up. Parents and family encourage you to dream big. The sky is not the limit – of course you can be an astronaut. Not only do you imagine your future in the brightest colors, but the world is also your playground. There is a lot to discover and that’s what fuels your imagination. Children don’t waste a thought on what’s possible and what’s not.

As an adult you may find yourself longing for the lightheartedness children possess. When did you lose your ability to dream big and the will to conquer the world? Bad news is: It’s part of growing up to become more reasonable, aware of limitations and boundaries. Someone has to pay the rent. Good news is: Boundaries can be stretched and limitations questioned. Maybe you are stuck in a job you hate, don’t travel as much as you want to, or dream of picking up a weird hobby.

Being out there: 5 things you need to know

It’s about time to rediscover your sense of adventuresomeness, wanderlust, and curiosity. The world has a lot to offer and now is the best time to find out what. Before you head out for exploration, keep these five things in mind.

1. Know your fear

You’re already on the edge of your seat but hesitate to jump up and storm right out of the door? Maybe you’re afraid to quit the job you secretly hate? Maybe you want to play the guitar in a band but worry that you’re not good enough? Fear is an obstacle but never forget: Fear can be useful. It protects us from foolish actions and ensures that we live our lives safely. Ignoring fear completely would be foolish. The downside is that fear often stands in the way when we want to try out new things. Our way of life is proved and tested. Why take the risk and try something new? Because it’s worth it. If you want to explore the world and be on the safe side, make your fear your ally: I appreciate your concerns but we’re going down this road now – end of discussion.

2. Know your enemies

Fear is not the only obstacle on your way to get out there. Other things may hold you back like doubts, traditions, and routine. When some things were always done a certain way it can be hard to break out. Role models can be great and well-meant advice from relatives who show that they care. But don’t be too influenced by outsiders. What works for others may not work for you – and vice versa.

3. Know your possibilities

Hundreds of years ago, going on an exploration was not only dangerous but also troubling. Nowadays, you can discover and learn new things practically from the comfort of your own home. The wonders of the world are just a mouse click away and so are new friends, your dream job, millions of books, and things to learn. Download a book, enroll in an online course, watch a tutorial, or get inspired by a TED Talk. Exploring the world and all its possibilities has never been as easy as it is today!

4. Know that you can achieve big things with little steps

You don’t need to sell your house or quit your job to be an explorer (speaking of being reasonable). But dare to dream big, even when you’re just making baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Get to work on little projects or improve your daily habits. Sticking to a routine helps you to achieve your goals. Fancy writing a novel? Work out every day? Try something new for 30 days and see where it will take you.

5. Know that you are not the only one

Who says that you have to explore on your own? Out there are others who are heading for new shores, too. They might have already cleared some hurdles, making it easier for you to grab opportunities. In return, you could be the right person to help them on their journeys. Collaboration is key and, luckily for us, it’s easy to connect with others in this digital world.

Last but not least, never forget the most important thing: Have fun out there!


martina kettnerMartina writes as a Content Editor for karriere.at. She deeply believes
in a fulfilling working life and the possibility to find happiness in a job. When not writing, she is out and about with a camera or develops analog film in her kitchen sink.




Photo credit: Cover image by Pixabay

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