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Do you consider yourself an open-minded person? I guess you do. But have you ever thought about your own judgemental thoughts about other people’s bodies and what these sometimes might imply? No? You don’t harbor any prejudice when it comes to other people’s appearances? Are you sure? Ok, then read on…

Oversized, a little heavy, chunky, corpulent, big, chubby, voluptuous, voluminous, obese, big, XL, on the larger side…

These are all euphemisms we use to feel comfortable about “people of size”. Kelli Jean Drinkwater just calls herself a FAT person. But why does she do that? How can she use that ugly word everyone else tries so hard to avoid when talking to or about a large (see, still doing it) person? But she insists on calling herself that, going even further with it:

“Not the lowercase, muttered-behind-my-back kind, or the seemingly harmless “chubby” or “cuddly”. I’m not even the more sophisticated “voluptuous” or “curvaceous” kind. Let’s not sugarcoat it. I am the capital F-A-T kind of fat.

Unapologetic fat bodies can blow people’s minds

Kelli Jean Drinkwater confidently calls herself “the elephant in the room” and in her TEDxSydney Talk “Enough with the fear of fat” she takes a stand against fatphobia, which depicts fat people as bad people, labeling them as “lazy, greedy, unhealthy, irresponsible and morally suspect“. She shares personal stories and speaks of reclaiming spaces that are often prohibited to bigger bodies (such as the catwalk, public pools or dance classes) and clears up the common belief that all large people are unhappy with their size. The radical fat activist doesn’t blame anybody (except the diet industry). She just shows us that people come in different shapes and that “it is your body and you decide what is best to do with it.”

Watch this and you will see a young woman who shows the world its own boundaries by expressing herself artistically and by simply being her gorgeous self:


So, with “the middle finger firmly held up to the status quo”, let’s celebrate diversity!

picture credits: TEDxSydney

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