A Revolution In Architecture? – Buildings Done On The Fly


Let’s face it: Technology is everywhere! By the majority it already influences, improves and mostly supports our daily being and doing on a massive scale. Not just in the way we communicate, share or connect with others, but also how radical innovations arise in various branches of a fast and ever-changing economy. Architecture and the building industry might be next. Human workforce? Reduced to a minimum.

With their installation Flight Assembled Architecture professor Raffaello D’Andrea and architects Gramazio & Kohler in cooperation with ETH Zurich, show us a possible direction on how future buildings and infrastructure might be done: Literally on the fly.


They developed a powerful expression of cutting-edge innovation that uses a multitude of mobile agents working in parallel and acting together as scalable production means. The mobile machines lift, transport and assemble 1500 polystyrene foam bricks to build a 6 meter high and 3.5 wide structure with stunning precision.


Are robots the builders of the future?

Their project “addresses radical new ways of thinking and materializing architecture as a physical process of dynamic formation.” says D’Andrea. Until February 19, 2012, the installation is shown to the public at the FRAC Centre, Orléans.


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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