Four reasons why you should join TEDxAmRing

A curious and knowledge-savvy community like the TEDxVienna community needs constant access to new ideas and ways to implement them. This is why we are happy to invite you to the TEDxAmRing conference organized in cooperation with TEDxVienna. Here are four reasons why you should definitely join in at TEDxAmRing – Change worth fighting for and a contest that might bring you a free ticket for May 30th.

1. The Mission

Complementary to the LifeBall‘s mission to find solution for HIS/AIDS, TEDxAmRing focuses on sustainable change. The conference will set the spotlight on various ways in which we can work together to create a solid foundation for lasting global change that will save lives, enhance environment protection and create new possibilities for conscientious living. Before we take action we need to understand WHY change is needed now more than ever and WHY change is still worth fighting for.

2. The Speakers

With the most diverse backgrounds in fashion, design, photography, industry, journalism, mobile technology and Global Health, the TEDxAmRing speakers will not only tackle the most debated and controversial topics nowaday, innovation and sustainable change, but also provide solutions that we can all contribute to. Names like Vivienne Westwood, Danny Resnic, Bill Roedy and Regan Hofmann and more will take the stage on 30 May. Stay tuned on our blog and social media channels to find out more about their ambitions, work and life stories.

3. Networking

Not only you‘ll have the chance to meet global drivers of innovation in the field of sustainability at TEDxAmRing, but you‘ll also meet like-minded attendees avid for knowledge and experience transfer that share your passion for ideas worth spreading.

4. The Location

Host of Vienna‘s most impressive cultural, technology and innovation related events, Hofburg will be the home of TEDxAmRing on May 30th.

These are only four of the benefits we see for you, but be curious and check out more information on the event’s website:

Win 2 tickets to TEDxAmRing – What do you have to do?

If you want to win two tickets to TEDxAmRing you have to:

1. Tell us simply on Facebook and/or Twitter who you would like to go the conference with
2. Tag them in your update and
3. Mention the hashtag #TEDxAmRing (for Twitter) and tag @TEDxAmRing (for Facebook).

For Twitter:

For Facebook:

We will select the winners randomly on the 16th of May. If you have any questions related to the contest, drop us a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

The TEDxVienna team is looking forward to greeting you at an amazing event where we‘ll broaden the discussion on the actions we can all take together to make change and sustainability feasible.

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