Let’s hear the good news first

Information is power!

This has been a rough year. And it’s only March! Winter has just decided to arrive although we are already suffering from a massive lack of Vitamin D and it feels like summer is a distant memory. We rely on a crazy amount of coffee hoping to feel refreshed during the few hours of daylight and trying to remember the last time we weren’t tired. 

We constantly scroll through our social media channels, hoping to find something to cheer us up, which usually doesn’t work. Sounds familiar? We will try to give you a little bit of motivation to power through these last weeks of winter. Because information is power and so positive information hopefully equals positivity! So let’s start with some good news:

There are a few things, you can do to alter you mindset into thinking more positively and feeling better in general.


Gimme the good news!

Mornings can feel particularly depressing, if you read the news and feel like nothing good is ever happening in this world. Between environmental and humanitarian catastrophes, it is really difficult to stay positive. Obviously it is important to stay informed, but try to focus on the fact that there are joyful things happening around you. That’s why I want to introduce you to storyboardproductions. They are here to remind you, that there is good in this world. Scroll through their positive newsfeed to remember that there are good people doing good things. So stay tuned on their channel and here at TEDxVienna, because we need more good news!


 Educate yourself!

Learn new things! I won’t ask you to leave your house, because when it’s -10 degrees and that would be insane! But at least try to watch something educational from the comfort of your home. You could watch a TEDxTalk in between binging on your favorite TV show. You could watch Karen Dolvas talk on fighting loneliness, if you need something particularly cheerful! Try to apply the 50/10 rule: 50 minutes of watching TV, 10 minutes of feeding your mind with something educational or positive!

Grow something!

Winter is especially depressing when there is very little greenery in the environment.   If you find yourself longing to see trees bloom and flowers blossoming get yourself some plants. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and it is a constant reminder that there is something like spring and summer.

Talk about it!

Last, but not least this piece of advice applies to everyone. Whatever is making you sad, even if you can’t put your finger on it, talk about with friends, families, peers or even professionals. We all have hard times sometimes and more people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder than you might think! Reach out to each other and be there for each other. Spring is hopefully coming soon!

picture credits: storyboardprouctions and unsplash.com

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