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Ever wanted to have the chance of working with a cool and easy 3D modeling program? SketchUp might be the right one for you, since it is designed to satisfy the needs of architects, engineers, game developers, filmmakers and generally all of those who are working a lot with visuals. A really interesting aspect of this program is that you can place your created model within Google Earth. So let’s see what the concept looks like in this video:

Basically, anyone who has a passion in designing anything from a piece of furniture to a room, a house or a whole city for Google Earth can do this by using SketchUp. Due to the fact that the website is very easy to use, you will see tutorials ranging from basic to more advanced topics, which are great to look up.

Since Google announced the launching of a free download version of SketchUp (called Google SketchUp), there have been some improvements: a new toolbox enables a viewer to walk, see things from a person’s point of view, labels for models, a “look around” tool and an “any polygon” shape tool. Also, ever since SketchUp was released, designers can model geo-location with Google Maps. An important element of this programm is that Ruby Extensions can be used to augment the capacity of it by enabling specialized functionality. Check out this link to view even more features of SketchUp: click here.

Just imagine what your idea could look like if you choose to design a house:

Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography


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