Gürtel Connection #2:
The faces behind

It is that time of the year again!

The Gürtel Connection enters its second round, promising 50 acts in 12 venues from Thaliastraße to Josefstädterstraße, for the price of one entry fee.

After its first success in April where more than 10.000 Euros were donated to wiederwohnen, the Gürtel Connection aims to keep on moving along the path they took the first time. The total revenue of October 25th’s entry fees will be donated to Ute Bock‘s refugee supporting project.


Because social integration, inclusion and solidarity are not a snapshot, but need to happen regularly on both a top-down and bottom-up level, too. Therefore, it is planned to realize the event twice a year.

And since this joint project was designed by humans for humans, we couldn’t help but wonder:

Who initiated this idea, and who are the people finally contributing to its realization?

We met some of the faces that will be awaiting you on October 25th; And the stories behind them…

Take a look and find out why for some of them, the Gürtel Connection is a “Wien-Win” situation.


The Gürtel Connection Verein


Special thanks to…

Foremost: The amazing people of the Gürtel Connection themselves!

Spezialimbiss for forgiving our unintentional late arrival and for their great hospitality.

Onk Lou for his patience.

Robinson Music for presenting us the “mysterious third”.

IsiLi for the vividest smile we had the honor to photograph.

Painted on Silent Blue for their lovely music we listened to while working together.

Pablo J Music for their inspiring energy.

Salomon’s Wrong Choice for meeting us as a whole band despite all practical restrictions.

Sounds of Dea for the unforgettable skate session. Check out her perfomance at TEDxBerkleeValencia here!

Psicotrópicos for the most colorful photo shooting the Burggarten has ever seen.

Dachsmilch (Nikolaus and Nicolas, while colleagues Stefan and Paul were unfortunately missing) for responding to our let’s-talk-about-coffee attempts.

Blinded by Stardust for their risk-taking (#parkingspot). They will be performing together with their dear friend Ismael, themselves laying their personal cornerstone in terms of refugee support.

Thomas Grün for his flexibility.

Izzy Bash for making our start on that sunny Sunday even more pleasant.

DJ Moe for his 10-cups-of-espresso revelation.

Johanna Van Tan for the best impro that has ever been heard on the stairs of the Urban Loritz Platz.

The Chaos Circle for the coolest of all appearances.

MEKONGG for explaining to us what graveyard disco means.

Glowing Eyes for the best imitation of Southpark’s Faith+1.

Slingshot for demonstrating band-member-equality on their picture.

H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY for the most impressive (and accidental) partner look.

Paenda for her demonstration of a woman’s favorite part of the day.

Rambo Rambo Rambo for their spontaneity to meet on a random random random Monday morning with one band-member (Martin) missing.

Toju Kae for meeting us on a terribly rainy day, regardless of his cold.


And of course to Marija Barisic, TJ and Radu Mester.

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