How to build an information time machine

Using futuristic technology to go back in time

Today we live in a world full of information that we use instantly when we need it. Google Maps provides us with a birds eye view of streets we need to walk along to get to our job interview or new cafe location. Often we use this mapping technology for the present needs or for future planning. But how about if we could build a time machine on this useful technology that would virtually take us back in time to centuries and civilisations of yesteryear.

That is the ambition of Frederic Kaplan, in his inspirational quest to build a “Facebook of the middle age.”

Frederic Kaplan lays out his plan for how we can use the information of the past to build a time machine of the future to enable us to go back in time and enjoy a vivid virtual reflection of our forefathers world. Documents and data that exists on public record can be digitalised to provide an interactive and engaging map of the past.

Relive yesteryear at Wien Museum, Karlsplatz


If you are living in Vienna or coming to the city in September, take the opportunity to go back in this cities history with a visit to Wien Museum, Karlplatz. The museum is currently displaying an exhibition highlighting the city of Vienna’s massive grown in centuries gone by. Visitors will be treated to stories and pictures of how the Vienna tram network unfolded, the waterways, bridges & canals were designed and how the city prepared to host the 1873 Vienna International Exposition. Read an essay on the Vienna Exposition here.

Maybe with the help of Frederic’s project we will someday be able to relive the delights and excitement of the 1873 Vienna gathering.

Check out the inspirational TedTalk by Frederic Kaplan’s below:

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