How to live passionately!

Every morning most of us drink our coffee, use public transport or our own cars to rush to school, university, work and so on. This is how daily routine creeps in, thus our life might cast a shadow on our ability to live passionately. What is driving us?

In her TED Talk titled “How to live passionately – no matter your age“ Isabel Allende, a famous writer and journalist, refers to one very important question asked by Mary Oliver, an author and Pulitzer Prize winner:

“Tell me what is it that you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?“

Isabel herself intends to live passionately no matter her age. Have you ever asked yourself when you start to age? As Allende says, it is when society decides, which, in the case of Americans, is usually when they get Medicare around 65. Time passes by we get older by the minute. Even right now as we write on our blogs, we are aging at this very moment. According to Allende the spirit never ages. Hers is still 17. She definitely got influenced by her mentor Olga Murray, an activist and the founder of the Nepal Youth Foundation, who started working in Nepal saving young girls from domestic bondage at the age of 60. At the age of 88 she had saved 12,000 girls. Also it is now illegal for fathers to sell their daughters into servitude thanks to Olga Murray. In spite of her many fights to push forward new laws Olga Murray is a remarkable person, still always happy and eternally young. As a matter of fact when daily routine comes in and things go the wrong way, we might get frustrated and bitter and lose a lot of joy in life.

„What have I lost in the last decades?“ Allende asks herself and encourages the audience to answer the question for themselves. Over time, she has lost people, places, the boundless energy of her youth and her independence. She refers to Ram Dass, an American spiritual teacher, who once said: „…dependency hurts but if you accept it, there is less suffering.“ This quote could be interpreted as if something is not in your control, take it as it comes. Because you will not be able to change it anyway, accept it and move on. In the process of loss, nevertheless she has also gained freedom. She does not have to prove anything anymore or find out who she is or going to be and please other people. Perhaps letting go is a great way of living happier and is definitely the cheaper way of avoiding wrinkles instead of botox.

Through technological improvements we might get distracted and stop focusing on the one thing we are doing right now. But how can we live a happy and passionate life no matter what age? One way to stay passionate is to “fake it until you make it“. It is a matter of attitude. Also her key is training to say “yes“ to everything that comes her way. “…drama, comedy, tragedy, love, death, losses“. Yes to live.“ Allende says. Once in a while, step out of the dull routine of everyday life and reminisce and reflect on what keeps us going to live a happy life. Watch this video to find out how to live passionately and how to keep yourself alive just like Allende’s fantasy of Antonio Banderas: “… one of them is that I place a naked Antonio Banderas on a Mexican tortilla, I slather him with guacamole and salsa, I roll him up, and I eat him.“

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