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The TEDxVienna conference “OUT THERE“ took place last month and it was a blast! As mentioned in our review of the event, an enormous amount of preparation went into organizing and executing our main annual event. 1000 attendees, from Vienna, throughout Austria and even other countries, came to hear our speakers spread their ideas. Why?

With over tens of thousands of global TED and TEDx talks and millions of views, it is obvious that the desire for insightful ideas is a strong one. But what brings people to events like these? What ideas and talks have impacted their world view so far that makes them want to come back for more?

So during each intermission we asked our attendees of OUT THERE the same questions.



“Daniel Kish’s talk taught me that you always have a choice in how to live your life. It’s your fault if you stay stuck, you can always choose to go out and create the life you want to live.”



“Actually I have a couple which I like a lot. Sometimes I start with one and then it turns into many. But I remember a talk by Ken Robinson. I think he is a great educator. And today I really liked the talk from Dominic Wilcox about how children are the greatest inventors[…] I think that the education system is not the one the future needs. I think we still have a system from industrial times and that we should focus on supporting out of the box thinking. I find TED talks very inspiring because they address these kind of issues. Hopefully they can help change the education system. It is changing, but I think it’s a bit too slow.

Zorra Humans of Out There


“The first TED talk I saw was Salmaan Sana’s “Compassion for Care“. It helped me feel that there are people out there all over the world that have the same view on medicine, on care, about what it means to be a doctor, and what it means to work in a hospital.”

Jeannine Humans of Out There


“[Daniel Cloud Campos] he doesn’t have any borders and is just doing what he wants to. His TED talk is really great, he’s playing with sounds and moves. Because of him I began to dance when I want, “when you feel it, just do it”. He definitely has that as his life motto.”

Philip Humans of Out There


“I think most of the time you can find a small idea or a change of thinking that you can use in your work-life or your private life. Last talk I saw was about the development of the embryo in the womb. It seems that the baby already starts learning in the womb. They found out that babies in France and Germany cry differently. When they come out, French babies cry up and German babies cry down, because they learn it differently depending on what they hear before being born. It was one of those ideas that made me think “Wow, I didn’t know that“. ”



“Melanie Joy’s talk about authentic food choices motivated me to become vegan. It was a great talk and really had a huge impact on my life.”

Leonie Humans of Out There, TEDxVienna


“We watch talks at University about human rights, about how life should be lived, how it can be lived and how to use resources. There was one about a war journalist which really impressed me. Because she did something she never did before. She went out there, by herself and wrote about something which is not usually spoken about. I found her courage very inspiring.”

Sara Humans of Out There, TEDxVienna


“The ones which really changed my views are  Elisabeth Gilbert’s talk about creativity and Brené Brown’s talks on vulnerability and shame. They gave me a permission slip to go and do something with my creativity, to pursue it and not shy away from it. To break out of the box, to stop trying to fit in.”

Goran Humans of Out There, TEDxVienna


“There was a talk from Drew Dudley about how he was volunteering in college and there was a girl who had her first day there. He somehow connected her with her future husband. Years later she saw him and thanked him. A lot of times we have people who helped us a lot, but they didn’t know that. For example, you saw a talk today and you got inspired and it changed your life, you should let that person know. In that way you are encouraging more good things to happen.”

Christian, Humans of Out There, TEDxVienna


“One of the best TED talks I’ve ever seen was Hans Rosling’s talk about statistics in which he debunked myths about world development. Based on that TED talk, because I was so inspired by it, I created my own visualization program and even wrote a blog post about it”.

You can also get new ideas for what talks to watch with our new TEDxVienna Idea Bot!

Photography: Radu Mester (portraits), Daniel Willinger (featured image)

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