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There are million different feelings we experience when visiting a new place. Thoughts come up about what we should see or what we should skip and as we reach for our guide book, we discover that it can’t always help us make a decision. That is because they are usually built the same way, focusing on the more popular sights of a city and using an impersonal tone. Here’s where travel blogs come in handy.


All types of blogs for all types of people

The difference between guide books and travel blogs is that the latter ones are free, they’re very easy to find (using Google) and they constantly get updated with new and valuable information. Moreover, they use different tones, depending on what you like to read what whose suggestions you are willing to take. In most cases, behind a blog lies a person or a group of people who have been to the destinations they are talking about, so you know that the information you read has been tested out and is thought as an advice to anyone going to some place new.

Want to travel on your own? You should check out Anders Reisen, since it covers such subjects. Looking to see urban cities from a different perspective? Bad Trips is the blog for you. When looking for news on tourism, also try Reiseblog for its interesting details. Last but not least, Tripwolf is the blog where you can find out not only infos on travelling, but also about the travel blogger community. I hope this message goes out to all people who like to travel and to write: post your thoughts on the Internet, it’s lovely to share them with other people from all over the world and it can make a person who’s never been there realize what he/she wants to see.


Moving somewhere new

When leaving my hometown, Sibiu – Romania, to come and live in Vienna, I tried to gather as much “touristic information” as possible, since I hadn’t previously visited the city too much. That’s how I came to reach for a travel blog,, where a group of girls (and their occasional collaborators) from Romania write about how they travel around the world on a budget. It helped me find fine places to visit, restaurants where I could try traditional dishes (in the meanwhile, I have fallen in love with Austrian cuisine) and also some places I should avoid.

Such blogs can prove “addictive” – in a good way –  because once you start reading an article, you get to more and more interesting subjects along the road. For example, while trying to find the article about places to see in Vienna this morning, I bumped into another series of articles about Tenerife, a destination that I’m about to visit. What a nice coincidence!

If you know any other travel blogs that might contain interesting advice, please comment below. Also, don’t forget to like, +1 and share this idea with your friends if you consider it useful 😉 What is your opinion on travel blogs?

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring you to start new roads: Travel blogs

  • Andrei C

    Interesting how that photo of Sibiu’s orthodox cathedral against the Fagaras mountains became public property of the internet. Nowadays everybody uses it without any credit to the original author. 🙂

    • Andra Muresanu Post author

      Hello Andrei!

      I always put credits to the place from where I found the photo. Please click on it to see details 😉

      Btw, if you know the link where this photo originally appeared, please share. Google lead me to that particular link you will now click on.

      I wish you a lovely weekend!