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Today marks International Women’s Day 2016 and therefore it is the perfect time for a little “girls-talk”…

It has been a long time since our mothers, grand mothers and great-grandmothers fought for equality, for women’s rights in numerous departments and against women being objectified and dictated to by (a male dominated) society. Not allowed to do, feel, study, work, buy or vote for whatever they wanted, women and girls had few rights and almost no voice.

A lot has changed for us girls since then and we are forever thankful to our female predecessors. But there is still a long way to go if we think of topics such as the (obvious and ever-present) gender paygap or the underrepresentation of females in executive positions or political offices. This of course, only applies to us lucky women in western society. There are a large number of countries where the fight for equality is still on and where women’s rights are violated publicly every day – sometimes these violations are even committed under the cloak of legislation. How long does this have to go on? Think about it! This is 2016 and we make up half of the world’s population…46.9 %, to be exact. Currently there are  3,611,866,818 girls on the planet.

girls-talk@ xxx

girls-talk@ Mosaic Hostel Prague

Who (could) run the world? Girls!

This post is not about feminism though, because this amazingly important topic would (have to) take up endless space and unlimited characters. Today I want to talk about sisterhood. Sisterhood makes us stronger in every aspect of our lives. By that I mean women with positive attitudes towards each other, who thusly help each other grow on personal and work related levels. Strong female networks in almost every professional, as well as private realm show us how important it is to have environments were women can mingle, exchange ideas, promote themselves and support each other’s opinions.

TED(x)’s Girls are the best Girls

By no means I am trying to exclude the wonderful male influences in our lives (and at TEDxVienna of course), but sorry boys, today is about us girls. For as long as I have been part of it, I wanted to shout out a special “thank you” to the wonderful bunch of women at TEDxVienna who inspire and support each other in the best ways possible and are always willing to share their knowledge, professional and personal experience as well as their precious time. Thank you to all the super-motivated, highly educated, creative and truly wonderful human beings that work hard and make this community so successful and enjoyable.

Today I want to celebrate the event-amazonians, the blogging wonder-women, the creative heroines, the communication & pr-girls-squad, the social-media super-girls, the speaker liaison power-ladies, and of course, not to forget, our always inspirational leading lady. As the expression “fun, fearless, females” was coined (by a women’s magazine) we can add fabulous, fantastic, focused, fresh, friendly…to the list of ways to describe the brilliant ladies behind TEDxVienna.

On International Women’s Day therefore, I want to direct your attention, not to one single TED-talk, but towards many of them at TEDWomen.

“TEDWomen is a three-day conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. The program of speakers, workshops, events — and daring discussions — has sparked some of TED’s most iconic moments yet.”

Check out the amazing events, topics and talks here at TEDWomen.


Header: private by TEDxVienna girls (assembled by TJ Photography)
Girls-talk @ Mosaic Hostel in Prague: Alina Nikolaou

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