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On November 1st, TEDxVienna invites you to question the established patterns and cycles that are ingrained in every one of us. The goal is to discover new paths and unexpected frontiers. We will set aside the answers we think we know and ask the questions we are afraid to ask. Humanity is at a crossroads, a perilous but hopeful time.

In this post, you will get to know 4 inspiring TEDxVienna speakers from the US and Germany.

Rafael Hostettler – The father of Roboy

Robotics Engineer

Rafael Hostettler is a former PHD student with a BSc in Computational Science as well as a MSc in Computational Science and Engineering from ETH Zürich, and he is also the project leader of Roboy – a robot whose artificial intelligence and build are inspired by nature and the human body. In only 9 months Hostettler and his colleagues were able to complete the development of Roboy and have since then been traveling the world with the 3D printed robot. Along with reaching a milestone in robotic mechanics and software, Hostettler also hosts an online web and print design for small companies and societies.

Tim Fricke – Making brain-controlled flight possible

Aerospace Engineer

Tim Fricke, a graduate from Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (SUPAERO) and a private pilot himself, is changing science with his brain controlled flight project “Brainflight”. “With brain control, flying, in itself, could become easier. This would reduce the work load of pilots and thereby increase safety.” says the head of the project, which is funded by his alma mater, the Technische Universität München (TUM). Fricke and his team have already had a successful simulated demonstration of their project. If all goes well they hope to achieve an easier and more manageable flight experience for pilots. While Fricke is working on further developments of his project he  also teaches and holds simulated sessions at TUM.


Heather Dewey-Hagborg – Breaching genetic controversy

Transdisciplinary Artist and Educator

Currently teaching art and technology studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Heather Dewey-Hagborg has been noticed in the media for her project Stranger Visions. It is a series of exhibitions in which Dewey-Hagborg displays 3D portraits of humans, based on DNA samples from discarded items such as chewing gum or cigarette buds. The NYU graduate’s everlasting curiosity for the human genetic identity sparked her interest into other scientific fields and has also provoked the media’s attention. Her fascination with genetic surveillance has promoted other projects like Invisible, a Day in the Life and DNA spoofing.


Chris Dancy – The most connected man in the World

Chief Digital Officer, Healthways Inc.

Chris Dancy, or as the majority of people call him “The most connected man in the World” is not an android or any sort of bionic person. But judging by the up to 700 systems he supports and the multiple gadgets he surrounds himself with he might as well be a modern day cyborg.
At an attempt to lose wait Dancy started archiving his daily behavior in order to monitor his habits and to accordingly change them. Weight loss wasn’t the only beneficial factor to Dancy’s lifestyle observations. He noticed when which data was necessary to improve his health and quality of life in general, and the rest is history, which in Chris Dancy’s case could be retraced back to the exact date.

Come see these 4 inspirational speakers – and 16 more – at the Volkstheater Wien on November 1st. Get your tickets for Brave New Space as soon as possible, as there are very few left!

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