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In one week our next TEDxVienna conference will take place, where several topics on the rapid development of our city will be discussed. Amongst our array of speakers such as Pedro Gadanho and Herr Finnland, Veronika Kovacsova  and Christoph Schmidt-Mårtensson will also take the stage to share and talk about their contribution to “redesigning the city.”

As an Urban Design graduate along with holding a master’s degree in Social Sciences, Veronika Kovacsova is more than qualified to represent ideas on how to reshape/redesign cities. In her online work portfolio and also personal blog stadachtig, Veronika has put together several urban projects aiming to improve living conditions in areas around Netherland and also other European countries. Her vision is to provide cities with as much sustainability as possible and by doing so a smart future can be guaranteed. Projects such as Shared Housing Heliópolis, Sidewalk buffet / Chodníkový buffet and Slowflow Schwedenplatz-Morzinplatz are proposed ideas that are meant to ease life around the city for the everyday pedestrian and also to ensure a positive and communal atmosphere between the aforementioned pedestrians and their sometimes enemy, other times loyal companion: public transportation.

Urbanizing rural areas

Although few of Veronika’s projects have yet to be realized others have already received positive (and delicious) feedback.

Sidewalk buffet, or in the city’s native language Chodníkový buffet for instance is an initiative started by Kovacsova, who is of (formerly known) Czechoslovakian origin. The Bratislava based project was constructed in order to “raise the awareness of the possibilities of growing and finding food in the city. Both in community gardens and along sidewalks.” Here is a video of the project:


It is in Veronika’s best interest to better the quality of the cities and their environment we surround ourselves with. As the years go by urbanization is increasing and we find ourselves looking for creative minds such as Veronika’s to make living situations more comfortable, economically as well as socially efficient and safe.

Didactics, Design and Storytelling.

People who are able to reach these goals and contribute to the development of smart cities would be Christoph Schmidt-Mårtensson, one half of the media communications website


Mårtensson and Ricardo Bayer founded the company’s website nearly fourteen years ago aiming to attract clients and businesses, who might be interested in conjuring ideas to expand their brands by using online and also offline media exposure. The company has been awarded numerous prizes for their innovative contributions such as the well-known e-learning awards in the years 2007, 2013 and also this years’ 2014 e-learning award in corporation with UniCredit Bank Austria. Receiving all of that recognition is not surprising, the company has been at it for over a decade and there seems to be no slowing down.

If you don’t want to miss out on Christoph’s talk along with other forward thinking people, who engage in designing the city to how we perceive it, make sure you attend the next TEDxVienna conference on September 25th at the Weltmuseum!

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