Introducing: Social Media for your Live Event

social mediaEach year approximately one thousand people gather at TEDxVienna to hear fresh ideas and new groundbreaking research from people around the world. The TEDx conferences are made possible because of various types of volunteers with various types of talents and passion that makes this extraordinary event come to life.

People in the event industry are, typically, by nature social people. It’s an innate part of the event industry and necessary in order to establish connections, communicate needs, share ideas, and bridge people together in order to bring them all together in one spot. The mediums and channels used for communicating have changed across all industries and specifically for those in the event industry who make a live event happen.

This, of course, is no different for us here at TEDxVienna. Each year we pull together resources, talent, ideas, and passion to launch a live conference brimming with ideas and fresh thoughts. However, these live events wouldn’t be at the magnitude they are without the help of some of the communication channels we use daily, namely our social media channels.

social media live eventOur social media channels deliver information to our audience daily, but they’re even more crucial during a live event. During a live event our Social Media Team delivers content from the event to our audience in real-time. The magnitude of live covering an event on social media can’t be understated. In fact, we are going to take you behind the scenes and tell you how we, at TEDxVienna, cover a live event on our social media channels. Over the next few weeks and over the course of a few blog posts, we’re going to take you behind the curtains of the TEDx stage and tell you:

social media

  • How to prepare and set yourself up to provide real-time coverage of a live event.
  • What TEDxVienna’s Social Media Team members say about their jobs and what their challenges are when managing their channel during a live event.
  • What tools TEDxVienna’s Social Media Team members use to stay organized and on track both before and during a live event.

Covering a live event in real-time and on social media can certainly have it challenges. But the massive benefit of bringing together our audience, whether those physically there or those beyond the four walls of our conference, and allowing them to communicate, collaborate, and further spread great ideas is worth its weight in gold.

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