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Brave New Space

Welcome to Brave New Space

On November 1st, TEDxVienna invites you to question the established patterns and cycles that are ingrained in every one of us. The goal is to discover new paths and unexpected frontiers. We will set aside the answers we think we know and ask the questions we are afraid to ask. Humanity is at a crossroads, a perilous but hopeful time.

In this post, you will get to know another two exciting speakers who will be sharing their own vision of space.

Dr. Stuart Armstrong

“Expansion across the universe, when it becomes possible, could be faster and bigger than we’ve ever imagined”.

As a researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute, Dr. Stuart Armstrong aims to improve the understanding of the uncertainties surrounding human progress in the mid-to-far future. Among his focus areas are the potential risks of Artificial Inteligence, laid out in his booklet “Smarter than Us: the rise of machine intelligence”.

Dr. Armstrongs TEDx talk will take us deeper into ideas that are, in similar fashion, commonly considered to be science fiction: “Given a few assumptions, the resources of our solar system alone are more than ample to begin a direct colonisation of the entire reachable universe.” On November 1st at TEDxVienna, we will learn how to do it.

Roderick Miller

“How can a society “not forget” what it has only experienced indirectly through media and inherited cultural trauma?”

To answer these questions, Roderick Miller – historian specializing in Holocaust and Forced Labor in the Second World War – co-founded the Berlin-based organization Tracing the Past. Their project “Mapping the Lives” proposes to publish the biographies of the victims of the Holocaust by residential address online.

Roderick Miller created an interactive, crowd-sourced set of online tools which can bring a seemingly far-removed past more clearly into our spectrum. His TEDx talk titled “Never Forget Where You Live” will unravel the connections between the Holocaust and Europes contemproary perception of space.

If you missed your chance to get a ticket for the event at the Volkstheater Wien on November 1st, you still have the chance to see these two and 18 more inspirational speakers live via stream. It’s time to gather all your friends to organise a private (or even public) viewing of TEDxVienna 2014: Brave New Space.

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