Is Mobile Electricity taking over Modern Electricity?

Being a resident of the small city you have probably noticed a couple of what appear to be gas station-like stops, across the busy streets of Schwedenplatz or downtown the shopping areas in Mariahilfer Straße. These spots are reserved for electric cars or bicycle owners to juice up their means of transportation while they are on the go. The majority of these stations are powered by SMATRICS, a joint venture of Siemens and Verbund, who have stations all across Austria.

Smart mobility with SMATRICS

To start of the New Year the doors at Messe Wien had once again been opened for the first day of the “Vienna Auto Show“. If you are under the impression that only cars were presented at the annual event you are mistaken. Among the many different automobile manufacturers SMATRICS introduced their on growing electric mobile stations to the more than 150 000 visitors and guests. The company offered their electric mobility services to the Vienna Autoshow for the second time in a row, gaining more and more potential customers and clients.
Their success and initial goal is based on powering everything through green energy. 100% hydroelectricity to be more specific. Being the green innovators that they are SMATRICS have made it their mission to reduce CO2 emissions and the also ever varying gas costs.




The company is growing and making a mark on the European market as they partner up with other interstate corporations such as OMV and Asfinag.

But before their service could become as publically known as it is now a lot of patience was required. Some public authorities weren’t quite moved by the whole “individual mobility” idea. For the most part the few electrical charging stations that existed were located in underground parking lots or other undiscoverable places.
Now the charging stations can be found at different locations around the city such as convenience stores, work areas, parks and shopping malls. If requested clients can also charge their electrically powered cars straight from home with a private “Wallbox“. To achieve an effective as well as productive service for these stations SMATRICS focuses on sustainable energy, user friendliness and faster mobility in general – which is the keyword of electric mobility.



Can there be too much convenience?

Nowadays time seems to be moving at a much more rapid pace than it used to. For those born into the Digital Generation life becomes more convenient when everything is faster and easily accessible. With the use of other mobile electricity services such as free wireless internet in cafes and other public establishments people are able to sit face-to-face and socialize. Socialize with their phones that is. But shorter conversations lead to faster mobility, correct? And being able to charge your phone whilst NOT speaking with the person sitting opposite from you just puts a cherry on top of things.
Aside from that minor aspect mobile electricity seems to be holding nothing but positive prospects. As Verbund, which is also Austria’s leading power venture, stated “Electrical power is the fuel of the future[…]“, and they are making sure other EU countries are involved in the progress as well.

SMATRICS aren’t the only ones promoting alternative energy for cars. According to Verbund, an initiative known as “Central European Green Corridors (CEGC)” will be responsible for setting up more compact quick-charging stations around Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia. That way traveling outside with an electric vehicle to cities like Munich and Zagreb will be far more manageable. 115 charging stations have already been built for these vehicles, enabling European roaming to become e-mobile.



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