Isolation: Why are we thankful?

Why are we thankful?

It’s Thanksgiving! Jokes, dates and time may be a loose guide to life right now, like that vortex between Christmas and New Year, but it has not flown so fast. However, we thought, given that it is probably near enough Thanksgiving’s half birthday; and that our bloggers have the time, why not ask, why are we thankful?

As we embark on this isolation journey together we can be thankful for many things; having a balcony, a TV, a government that reacted quickly (or U-turned quickly); doctors, nurses and key workers, the list is endless. Many of these go without saying. But they also say, ‘it’s the little things in life’, so we asked our team what little things they do not miss from ‘normality’, now that we are all in self-isolation. Please do not be afraid to share your thoughts, we are bored at home and need things to read as well!

All the socks be smiling, because they aren’t being used…

Will- Socks.

This isolation, I am thankful that I rarely have to wear socks. No socks means no shoes and I think this is the happiest my feet have ever been. It is as if I have taken them on holiday and they no longer have to wear a suit. I know all the advice is to get dressed as if for a normal working day etc, but if it were up to me, I would never wear foot prisons, and just be in flip flops the whole time. With the weather warming up this last week as well, I may not even have to put on socks and shoes for my daily exercise/weekly shop soon. I will probably get odd looks when I start rubbing sanitiser on them at the supermarket though… 

Pia – 

In the spirit of socks, I’m also thankful for elastane in all its forms; yoga pants especially. While it is obviously unacceptable to wear night pyjamas during the daylight hours, day pyjamas don’t give you the flexibility to pop to the shops if you really need to. If you have to jump on a zoom meeting, you can always wear pair a yoga pants. Just be sure to throw on a pre-isolation style work garment up top to appear ‘put-together’ for more formal situations. In short, the yoga pants is a perfect day-to-night outfit and I don’t know if I’ll be able to let it go once we return to normal. 

Lukas – Shower days

I am thankful for being able to skip a shower day once in a while. I understand regular shower habits as a means of not molesting other people with my stink. As I am not leaving my house right now, my surroundings are unable to be offended by my caveman odours, and as such, there is no need for me to be smelling of almond shampoo for 24 hours a day. I don’t mind, for I dread the tedious routine of evening cleaning-rituals. Time seems to pass incredibly slowly while brushing my teeth, flossing, using mouthwash, scrubbing my face and applying skin cream. I hate it, so I’d rather just live animal-style for as long as Corona allows me to.
Yes, I do have roommates.


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