Joerg Hofstaetter – Video Games A Powerful Learning Tool

About the talk

A recent study shows that people (< 21) spent up to 10.000 hours on playing video games but read only 5.000 hours per year. Well, the book is dead? Long live the book, because it has never been replaced by any new media yet. Is there an opportunity for game developers and can serious video games be the perfect complement for school?

About the speaker

Jörg Hofstätter studied Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Oslo. In 2004 he founded ovos, an Online Studio with a focus on Branded Entertainment and Serious Games. He considers himself a digital Architect, Edupreneur and Chocolate addict and has a passion for Games with a purpose. He frequently shows up at Games4change, an international movement dedicated to support games for social impact. Jörg has had lectures on various Universities and currently teaches digital strategies at the University of Arts Linz. Find out more here.



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