Txtng is killing language. JK!!!

Technology acts sometimes like a rush of adrenaline for youngsters (not only) and one of the consequences is clearly represented by they way they communicate to each other. Abbreviations, smiley faces and other “emoticon” symbols are the new language that they speak and that has been replacing completely and adequately spelled words, in favor of a what seems to be a faster (but how efficient?) conversation.

John Andrew Sutherland, Emeritus Professor of English Literature at the University College London, newspaper columnist and author has a serious problem with the impact that texting (or “slanguage” or “textese“) has on language and declared ‘penmanship for illiterates’. Given his title, I’d rather tend to think that defying him with arguments is not really something that one would easily dare to do. 

Even if not directly, linguist John McWhorter is doing so. His arguments highlight the fact that there is much more linguistically and culturally to texting than many philologists believe.

Watch his talk, think about your own experience and tell us which side you pick: is texting the death of writing skills or not?

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