How to escape education’s death valley by Ken Robinson

If you ask someone what their favorite TED talk is, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you if you hear the name of Sir Ken Robinson. Master of creativity resources in education and cultural leader, he continues to amaze people with his simple and straight-forward ideas of what education should really foster and what students and educators should strive for. His ideas are simply so sound and logical, that you can barely believe they’re just now being proposed as solutions to problems of an educational environment we’re all experiencing with less or almost any doubt of its questionable efficiency and effectiveness.

Funded by the “American Graduate: Let’s make it happen initiative”,  broadcasted by the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and hosted by John Legend, the newest TED Talks Education stage featured Ken Robinson and his resonant encouragement of a personalized educational process. Not only he gives the key for educational systems to be able to provide that, but also encourages political systems to start looking at education as a human process instead of an industrial one, thus release it from the culture of testing and standardization it has been developing into for several decades.

His TED Talk will give you a much more better understanding of the real reasons of disengagement in school,  of why education is not improving in a country that spends the most money on trying to improve it, of why conformity is the worst starting point for an educational systems, of how to value the relationship between learners and teachers and most importantly, the role of leaders in education that is to create a climate of possibility. They have the tremendous potential of becoming makers of a better educational system. Enjoy!

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