Klaus Stadlmann – The world’s smallest 3D Printer


About the talk

Since 2003 there has been large growth in the sale of 3D printers. Additionally, the cost of 3D printers has declined. Phd student Klaus Stadlmann was faced one day with a damaged laser in his lab at the Technical University of Vienna. Not wanting to wait for the delivery of the specific item, he decided to build a microprinter from scratch, manufactured it himself. Thus, the smallest 3D microprinter was born.

About the speaker

Klaus majored 2008 in industrial engineering at the TU Vienna. His degree thesis: “the development of an orthosis used in the supporting and measuring of a torque path of the ankle during rehabilitation” received special honors. At the moment he is finishing his pre-doc in technical sciences at Vienna’s Technical University’s Institute of Material Sciences and Technologies. Under the supervision of Prof. Stampfl he is involved in a working group concerned with the manufacturing of optical fibers. Find out more here.


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