Lessons from
the mental hospital

In society’s architecture, mental hospitals are the garden sheds; they may be excluded from the main construction plan, but they are built close enough to store everything that the main plan won’t fit.

With feelings being an intimate and raw expression of our inner worlds, our mental health is a status worn within. By this, turning our insides out and reaching out for help is accompanied by insecurity, shame and the fear of being stigmatized as weak, sick or broken.

The mental hospital is not the last resort to fix a broken person, but “a place where people wear their scars on the outside”, a place for conscious acceptance and slow healing. That is a lesson that Glennon Doyle, author, activist and non-profit executive, learned the hard way. In her TEDxTraverseCity Talk she explains why all she ever needed to learn, she learnt in the mental hospital and encourages the viewers to embrace feelings as a sign of emotional strength. The attentive and sensitive writer takes us on a both brutal and beautiful journey that maps her path through the difficulties of life. It is a journey of losing and finding, of respecting, accepting and growing. It is the journey of the Warrior.

TEDxVienna heartly recommends her Talk “Lessons from the Mental Hospital” – a guide for everyone who has ever felt.



In case you face mental challenges or know a person who struggles, here is a list of mental health hospitals in Vienna:


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