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About the talk

When Leyla Tavernaro-Haidarian came to Johannesburg, South Africa, she was confronted by a fascinating phenomenon: Ubuntu. It refers to a notion of collectivism or mutualism, a sense of togetherness. Roughly translated it can mean: “I am because we are”. Is it a motto of some tribes and therefore nothing else than a filler word? Ubuntu starts at the very beginning, and that’s what we have to do as well.

About the speaker

Leyla Tavernaro-Haidarian is a filmmaker and social activist. She began as a broadcast and print journalist in Los Angeles and Vienna for such companies as Warner BrotherTribune Media, the American Radio Network and Diva Magazine. More recently she has been writing and producing documentaries and television programs in South Africa for a variety of global outlets, including a documentary on the evolution and future of democratic governance and an edutainment based television soap opera for Iranian audiences. Her passion is exploring mutualistic paradigms, particularly through art and media, but also in politics and business. She is currently involved in the production of a feature film titled ‘Vehicle 19’, starring Paul Walker. Find out more here.



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