What an innovative time to be alive! TEDxVienna @ Maker Faire 2016 2

Maker Faire 2016 didn’t fail to impress.

It is the first time the event took place in Vienna and more than 200 makers had the chance to present their do-it -yourself projects and ideas to a broad audience. Creatives and creators from all genres came together to commonly discover the world of innovation and technology in a playful way. Hence, the exhibition offered a lot of fun and inspiration not only for adults but especially for children too, who weren’t exhausted by exploring one project after another. Which location could have been more suitable for that, than the large premises the Atelierhaus of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna provides? Muddling through the lively crowd, I had a glimpse at various exhibitors and also paid a visit to the workshop and lecture area in order to present some amazing handpicked Maker Faire highlights to you:

  • On my way to get my ticket, I spotted these awesome guys rocking the stage outside the building:

the One Love Machine Band, a robot sculpture Actionbition by Berlin artist Kolja Kugler

They’re called the One Love Machine Band, a robot sculpture Actionbition by Berlin artist Kolja Kugler:

“The world becomes smaller so quickly, it’s a big remix time. So I mix the classic exhibition with a stage show. I call it an Actionbition. In the Actionbition you can first look, hear and feel the whole arrangement as a unit, while they perform, and afterwards look at them separately as single sculptures, to take in their details. In my cartoon world the machines are partly ashamed of their use…thats why they bail out and join a music band…and that is why the band is called “One Love Machine Band”…to promote the syncronization of nature and machines…after all we are all just a bunch of chemicals on the same planet.“

  • Hello TEDxVienna, my old friend:

Aylin, TEDxVienna Communications teamLovely Aylin from the Communications Team held the fort at our TEDxVienna booth, where visitors got the chance to win tickets for the next event.

The Amalettomat, an automatic pancake machine

An automatic pancake machine, built from recycled objects, electronic pieces and Arduino-Software. Awesome guys, awesome robot, delicious pancakes 😉

  • How much electricity can you produce by yourself? The “Menschen-Rad” had the answer:

Producing electricity to charge your smart phone with Menschenrad!

Kids were also taught where electricity comes from. Is this … the future … of smartphone charging?

  • Trotec Laser is a company founded in Wels in 1997 with international branches in over 90 countries:

Trotec Laser is the future of everything laser related!

At their booth at Maker Faire people could learn everything related to laser-cutting, engraving and marking. I was both awed and fascinated by the impressive laser machines, so that I always kept a safe distance from them. But apart from that it’s a great technology which gives the prospect of new innovations in fields like architecture, design, medical technology, awards and trophies… and you can even pimp up your smart gadgets. Everything is possible with laser machines, you just have to come up with a great idea.

  • The Future of Coding:

Navigate your smart gadgets via touch screen with "wetouch".

At this booth people could navigate gadgets and robots by using a touch screen. Learn more about the company at wetouch.at.

More impressions from the event:

High Tech Lego!  Fun for both adults and kids <3

University of applied arts Vienna, entrance hall.

At the end of the first day, I was just as exhausted as these guys above from all the creativity, technology and innovation in one place, and I’m looking forward to meeting new exciting Makers and ideas at Maker Faire 2017!


All images by Ece Isil Sahin

Airplane in headerpicture by MAYER MAKES.


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