Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree

Let’s agree to disagree. Like Jane Austen wrote: „It is a truth universally acknowledged…“. Conflict challenges theories for the very best of it. Most of us are afraid of conflict and criticism. But whoever is working for the truth and cause itself, will embrace conflict and challenging criticism because it allows us to be creative, change patterns and think outside the box.
Transparent information is good but not good enough. Seeing the problem and addressing it should be a natural reaction. Discussion, as a result, should be a natural and welcome symptom. Thinking societies and thinking organizations shall dare to break the silence and enable everyone to do the best of their thinking.The former CEO of five businesses, Margaret Heffernan explores the all-too-human thought patterns – like conflict avoidance and selective blindness – that lead managers and organizations astray.

Doubt worth sharing.


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