Meet the man they call the digital Nostradamus

With more than 40 start-ups founded and a book that most accurately predicted back in 1995 the digitalized world we live in nowadays and the customization on information that we receive every day (see your Facebook feed or the Google results you get based on previous searches and your interests), MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte was never really taken serious by the world outside his lab. His predictions seemed so far fetched at that time, but turned out to happened exactly how they were described by the genius Negroponte at the first TED conferences ever.

In this TED talk held in March 2014, he unveils all the innovations he foresaw back in the 70s and the 80s that now make up for our reality and daily lives. Back in the days he was considered to be laughable and wildly unreasonable for his ideas about how we will use TV, computers and telephones in the future for a “multimedia” experience. From the predecessor of Google Maps or the finger-based controlled interfaces to the early days of the GPS, Negroponte ponders upon his predictions and makes a new one towards the end of his talk that might seem to you as crazy (or brilliant!) as it seemed to our society back in the 70s and 80s.

Is his prediction too daring, what do you think?


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